VIDEO: Out of control airport catering truck comes to dramatic stop

American Airlines is investigating an Incident at O’Hare International Airport that saw a catering struck careering across the tarmac
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Kevin Klauer

A catering truck serving up doughnuts on the tarmac caused chaos for ground crew at O’Hare International Airport after a ramp operator had to take evasive action to prevent further damage.

A video posted on Twitter by Kevin Klauer from the American Osteopathic Association, who was at airport in Chicago, shows an out of control catering truck spinning dangerously close to an aircraft and its ground crew.

The truck narrowly misses several members of the ground crew before a ramp operator crashes into the vehicle to bring it to a stop amid a cascade of in-flight snacks.

The video has been shared nearly 55,000 times and American Airlines are now said to be investigating the incident.

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