Etihad Cargo to expand on ‘transformational’ booking overhaul

iCargo system saw 2,057 bookings created in 24 hours in April after it launched as part of Etihad’s digitalisation
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Etihad Cargo will expand on its recently launched booking platform by adding a mobile app, dynamic pricing and APIs.

The logistic arm’s iCargo launched a year ago as part of an overhaul of Etihad’s  booking processes and platforms.

Since its launch, the system has handled almost half-a-million bookings, equating to 115,000 flights processed and 10 million messages from close to 3,000 customers and nearly 6,000 users.

The busiest day since iCargo went live was 30 April 2019, with 2,057 bookings created in 24 hours.

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Abdulla Mohamed Shadid, Etihad Aviation group’s managing director, said: “The foundations have been laid for a number of exciting projects in coming months, including our new, soon-to-launch and state-of-the-art Cargo Control Centre, a brand-new website and mobile app, dynamic pricing, and APIs to support several new booking channels.”

Shadid said that iCargo marked “a significant shift in the way Etihad Cargo operates”.

“With 14% of the total bookings on our portal coming outside office hours this year, it represents a significant amount of business that would have gone to our competition.”

Of the approximately half-a-million bookings processed in iCargo, Etihad Cargo’s online booking portal, which also went live last October, accounted for 20% of total bookings.

The monthly booking rate grew from zero in October 2018 to 33.7% in September 2019. One in every three bookings now come through Etihad‘s online portal.

The region with the highest online booking penetration rate for Etihad Cargo is Asia, with India completing 96% of its September 2019 bookings online and Thailand close to the 90% mark.

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The Americas represents the second highest rate with the US recently crossing the 50% mark for online bookings. Etihad Cargo is working to boost the rates in Europe as several new initiatives come online in Q4.

Etihad Cargo’s automated Freight Forwarder Messaging (FFR) booking function went live in April 2019, allowing instant bookings and confirmations from its global operations as well as key forwarder customers.

A total of 2,100 bookings were made through FFR during the past five months, with September marking the highest percentage of FFR bookings at 2.9%.

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