Smoking tablet forces Etihad flight to be diverted to Dublin

Etihad said the diversion of flight EY131 was a “precaution” and the aircraft landed safely
Etihad Airways, Abu dhabi, Dublin, Washington DC, Flight diversion, Laptop ban

Etihad Airways flight EY131 from Abu Dhabi to Washington DC was forced to make an emergency landing in Dublin on Monday after a passenger's tablet began to emit smoke.

The airline confirmed that Etihad Airways flight EY131 was diverted to remove the device before making an onward flight to the US capital. The diversion was a precautionary measure.

Etihad said in a statement: “Etihad Airways flight EY131 operating from Abu Dhabi to Washington, D.C. on 16 September has diverted to Dublin as a precaution due to smoke emanating from a guest’s tablet device.

“The situation was managed swiftly by the crew and the aircraft landed safely in Dublin, where the device was removed before the flight continues to its destination.

"The safety and comfort of its guests and crew is Etihad’s top priority and we regret any discomfort or inconvenience caused by this necessary diversion."

Earlier this month, UAE carriers Etihad, Emirates and flydubai banned passengers from carrying Apple's MacBook Pro laptop computers in checked luggage as part of safety-related measures.

On September 8, Emirates also banned certain models of 15-inch MackBook Pro in checked-in luggage as part of safety precautions

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