Turkish Cargo reports strong growth despite dwindling air cargo market

According to the airline, Turkish Cargo increased its cargo tonnage in February by 9.6%
Once unveiled, the planned cargo terminal at Istanbul Airport will reportedly feature 300sqm of indoor space.
Once unveiled, the planned cargo terminal at Istanbul Airport will reportedly feature 300sqm of indoor space.

Despite a downturn currently affecting the global air cargo market, which reported a 5.8 shrinkage and 5.7% fall in demand according to the figures from the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) January and February Reports, Turkish Cargo managed to rise to 7th place in the World Air Cargo Data (WACD) ranking.

Reporting a 9.6% increase in tonnage over February, the air cargo airline increased its market share in sold tonnage by 0.6 points in the first two months of the year as compared to the same point in 2018. Additionally, Turkish Cargo reported a growth of 4.3%, along with an increase in its cumulative market share by 0.4 points to 4.1%.

M. İlker Aycı, chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines, said: “We are happy about the continuous rise of Turkish Cargo in the global air cargo market. We can’t say that the success we achieved during the first two months of 2019 was a surprise. We continuously experience these exciting achievements, especially in recent years.

“For instance, in the last two years, we rose from 12th place to 7th place after surpassing five big global air cargo brands from Europe and the Far East. Especially considering that the shrinkage in the demand for the market causes gloom in the sector with disappointing numbers, this success brightens the future of Turkish Cargo even more.

He added: “With our determination and growth strategy in the air cargo market, Turkish Cargo will be one of the top five air cargo brands in the world. I express my thanks to all my colleagues who contributed to this success.”

Currently caught up with the move to the recently launched Istanbul Airport, Turkish Cargo will reportedly have the capacity to hand 4 million tonnages of cargo annually, once all phases of the airport are complete. This achievement will be possible thanks to upcoming cargo terminal onsite, which will feature 300sqm of indoor space.

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