American Airlines could partner with UAE carriers if they stick to 'freeze' on US flights

CEO Doug Parker was speaking at annual general meeting of aviation's largest association being held in Sydney this year
American Airlines CEO Doug Parker
American Airlines CEO Doug Parker

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker has said the possibility of partnering on routes with UAE airlines depends on their future expansion plans into the US in the coming months.

“We haven’t had enough time to make sure that those resolutions have the effect that we hope for,” Parker told reporters yesterday at the International Air Transport Association’s annual general meeting being held in Sydney, Australia.

Parker was referencing the resolution of the aviation spat between both countries last month, meant to end an ongoing spat between airlines in both countries over alleged violations of the Open Skies Accord of 2002.

However, airlines in both countries have voiced differing opinions on what the deal was meant to resolve. US airlines claim Emirates and Etihad must adhere to a “freeze” on adding new routes into the country.

The UAE, meanwhile, claims it has not agreed to stop adding any further routes, and is instead free to add routes if it so chooses. The UAE told US authorities it doesn’t have any plans to add any flights into the country at the moment.

“We shall see,” added Parker when asked if he was open to partnerships such as codeshare agreements with airlines in the UAE.
American Airlines ended its last codeshare partnership with Etihad in July last year, alleging that Gulf airline had been dumping capacity into the US on the back of airline operations that received billions in government subsidies.

The UAE’s airlines, Emirates and Etihad, have been vehement in refuting they receive any such aid.

Source: Arabian Business

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