With new payment option, Etihad aims at the less affluent

Customers can now pay for tickets via instalments on Etihad.com

Etihad Airways has said customers will now be able to pay for tickets in instalments via credit cards.

Instalments can be scheduled from three to 60 months on Etihad.com for credit card customers of 17 banks.

The payment option is distinct from other credit card payment programmes in Etihad's initiative allows for an automatic instalment plan directly with the airline. Other credit card payment plans are entered into through a customer's bank and require payments to be made via instalments to the bank.

The new payment option, targeted at low- and middle-income travellers, is the result of Etihad's digital transformation and innovation team, formed earlier this year. The department works as an in-house research, development solution delivery programme to bring together a new digitally centered service offering and increase more transactions through Etihad's direct channels, including Etihad.com.

“This is perhaps an example of the most intuitive use of technology we can provide as an airline. At a broader sense we’re building technology and innovation into all areas of our business as an enabler for better product and service delivery, business efficiencies and customer service,” says Vice president Justin Warby.

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