Exclusive: Emirates is right to ask for evidence of us backing the A380, says Airbus President

Fabrice Bregier also says the company can work on a neo version, "but it is too early for us."
Fabrice Bregier, president, Airbus.
Fabrice Bregier, president, Airbus.

Europe's largest aircraft maker says the A380 "is the backbone of Emirates' success" and that the Dubai based airline's need to ascertain Airbus' commitment to the aircraft isn't misplaced.

"They are right in asking for evidence that we still fully support the A380," Airbus President Fabrice Bregier told Aviation Business in an exclusive interview in Toulouse, France.

"When you look at the A380, it is seen as the backbone of the success of Emirates," he said. "And this is the case, we continue to invest in improving the operational reliability which right now is at a very high level and we have offered upgrade versions."

However, despite Emirates' insistence, it is too early for Airbus to start working on a new engine option (neo) version of the aircraft, Bregier added.

"We know we can do it but we will do it only when the market requires it. So when especially Emirates will start massively replacing its A380s, which is too early for them to do and too early for us," he said.

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