Passengers fight over legroom on Oman flight from UK

One passenger is reportedly arrested after flight from Heathrow landed in Muscat.

A row over legroom on a flight from London to Muscat led to a fight breaking out two male passengers.

The Mirror newspaper reports that the row between the two men on board Satuday’s Oman Air flight from Heathrow to Muscat developed into a nasty brawl, as one of the men threw punches at another passenger and then took off his shoe to try and attack him.

The pilot contacted officials in Muscat and when the plane landed in the Oman capital, the man was taken away for questioning.

One passenger told the UK newspaper, “It really was a really nasty incident. The flight was quite empty and when one man moved seats another objected to his space being taken up. Before we knew up there was a full scale brawl. One guy completely lost the plot and started throwing several punches.

“Eventually the flight crew was alerted and managed to calm him down. It was pretty terrifying especially with the Germanwings tragedy only happening last month. Most people were asleep as it was just after midnight but they were woken up by the commotion.”

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