Drunken sailor jailed for one year after rampage on Dubai flight

Ukrainian sexually molested Emirates cabin crew and attempted to break into cockpit.

A drunken sailor who had to be tied to his seat on a flight from Singapore to Dubai was jailed for one year after he sexually assaulted cabin crew and attempted to break into the cockpit.

The 28-year-old Ukrainian man was a passenger on board the Emirates flight on February 20, earlier this year, when he began causing problems about two hours into the flight, 7DAYS newspaper reported.

“He was running inside the plane and twice tried to open the captain’s cabin, but we stopped him,” a Sri Lankan cabin crew manager told Dubai Court of First Instance, the report added.

“We asked him to return back to his seat, but some of the air stewards informed me he was very drunk and even tried to smoke a cigar,” she added.

The flight’s captain told cabin crew to restrain the man and during their attempts to tie him to the seat, the defendant touched the breast of one of the stewardesses when he tried to kiss her.

The court sentenced the defendant to one year in jail and fined him AED1,000 ($272). He will be deported after his release.

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