BEHIND THE SCENES: What it's like to travel under Etihad's new passenger experience

Passengers can expect a completely different experience when arriving at Abu Dhabi Intl and boarding Etihad’s aircraft
Etihad Airways, Abu dhabi international, AUH

Etihad Airways has released a new video demonstrating how it has adjusted the passenger experience as part of its measures to boost confidence in a travel market battered by coronavirus.  

In the video, the airline says it has “completely transformed the travel experience” which includes changes both on-board aircraft and when passengers arrive at Abu Dhabi International.

Passengers can expect social-distancing signage, thermal cameras, surface swab technology, self-cleaning escalator hand rails and touch-free elevator buttons at the airport.

Face masks are compulsory and new PPE vending machines have been installed at Abu Dhabi International so passengers can access masks before flights.

Etihad has also employed ‘wellness ambassdors’ to greet arriving passengers and provide support throughout their journey.

Passengers will undergo a self-service check-in and health screening system called Fit to Fly, which reads a traveller’s respiratory system, heart rate and temperature.

The boarding process has also been adapted so that passengers board row-by row so there no queues.

Etihad is also partnering with Austrian-based healthcare technology company Medicus AI to launch a Covid-19 risk-assessment app that allows passengers to check their probability of having contracted coronavirus by responding to a set of 22 questions.

“As the rest of the year unfolds, we are going to continue enhancing and improving the travel experience for everyone,” Mohamed Husain Ahmed, general manager at Abu Dhabi International Airport, said in the video.

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