Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways drafted in to transport medical equipment

All commercial flights in and out of Kuwait are banned but Jazeera Airways is still at work assisting the government
Jazeera airways, Kuwait, DGCA, Kuwait’s Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA), Coronavirus

Jazeera Airways has halted all commercial flights in line with a directive from Kuwait’s government but is instead using its fleet to transport medical products and equipment across the country to help tackle the Covid-19 outbreak.

All commercial flights in and out of Kuwait were cancelled on 13 March as the country went into lockdown.

Jazeera Airways said it has placed its entire fleet, consisting of 14 aircraft, at the disposal of Kuwait “as part of its national duty”.

The airline will support the government in returning Kuwaiti citizens to the country as well as transporting vital supplies.

Jazeera Airways is also building an auxiliary special medical facility in coordination with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Ministry of Health at Jazeera Terminal 5 at Kuwait International Airport to screen all inbound passengers and test them for coronavirus before entering the arrival hall.

The new facility is a remote extension of the Jazeera Terminal 5 and will be ready when the Kuwaiti government announces the reopening of Kuwait International Airport to passenger traffic.

For now, the airport remains closed indefinitely. Cargo flights and some charter services are being permitted to fly into the country allowing Kuwaiti nationals to get home from abroad.

Non-Kuwaitis are being allowed to transit through the airport to onward connecting destinations.

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