Aircraft fleet in Africa to double in under two decades

African continent will need more than 1,200 passenger and cargo jets to support growing traffic
Airbus, Egyptair, Africa

Africa will need double the number of planes it currently has to meet soaring passenger growth over the next 20 years.

That is according to analysis from Airbus, which estimates the continent will need more than 1,200 new passenger and freighter aircraft by 2038 to cater for a 100% increase in passenger traffic.

Africa’s Airbus operators include the likes of Ethiopian Airlines, Rwandair, Air Senegal, South African Airways, Air Côte d’Ivoire, EgyptAir and Air Mauritius. In total, around 250 Airbus aircraft are flown by more than 30 African operators.

Mikail Houari, president, Airbus Africa and Middle East, described the potential for aviation in Africa as “immense”.

Airbus’ Global Services Forecast (GSF) anticipates over 25,000 new service technicians and nearly 21,000 pilots will be needed over the next two decades in Africa.

Houari said:  “To achieve sustainable growth in aviation, Airbus believes that investing in Africa’s youthful and increasingly tech-savvy population to build its capacity is vital.”

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