Ryanair ‘in talks’ for new Max order but remains open to Airbus

Ryanair is one of the iconic 737 operators and is waiting on a delivery of 20 new Max aircraft, all of which remain grounded
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The CEO of Europe’s largest airline and one of the world’s biggest Boeing 737 operators has said he remains open to talks with Airbus if the manufacturer is able to lower its aircraft prices.

Ryanair is awaiting delivery of 20 737 Max aircraft, which all remain grounded as part of a worldwide ban on the plane following two fatal crashes.

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary revealed to reporters that the airline is still in talks with Boeing about a new order for the 737 Max, which is scheduled to return to service later this year.

But he told Bloomberg that the group remains open to talks with Airbus. Ryanair’s Austrian subsidiary, Lauda, already operates Airbus jets.

Speaking at an airline summit in Brussels, Mr O’Leary said: “If the price is right, we'll buy aircraft. I'm only interested in buying aircraft that will enable me to lower my operating costs. Airbus's order book has been largely full and the pricing has been high for four or five years.”

Ryanair anticipates on getting its first Max aircraft in the autumn of 2020.

But Mr O’Leary said he “took a call” from Airbus recently, adding: “I would talk to Airbus and Boeing if the price was right and the slots came up.”

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