Royal Jordanian raises crew’s flying hours allowance

Management believes initiative will increase productivity among cabin crew helping airline to achieve its desired profits
Royal Jordanian, Cabin Crew, Royal Jordanian cabin crew

Royal Jordanian has said it will raise the allowances granted crew members for their flying hours, in a move “to improve the wellbeing of flight attendants” and incentivise greater productivity.

The move will reflect “positively” on the service offered to passengers on-board flights, the airline claimed.

Royal Jordanian’s CEO, Stefan Pichler, said that increased allowances will be given based on the productivity and the number of hours flown by each crew member.

Pichler said that the airline will continue to follow the rules and regulations of the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission and various other international institutions concerned with regulating the work of international airlines, including that of cabin crew personnel.

The decision was reached following an agreement signed with the General Union for Air Transport and Tourism.

Pichler said the cabin crew’s improved productivity would help the carrier in its aim to meet 2020 goals and would enhance the services and products offered to passengers.

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