WATCH: Middle East Airlines pilot praised for impressive landing during Storm Ciara

Pilots landing in the UK have had to grapple with 90mph gusts, multiple go-arounds and diversions
Middle East Airlines, Storm Ciara

Pilots landing in the UK in the last few days have had to battle with gusts of up to 90mph as Storm Ciara – described as the worst to hit Britain in seven years – swept over airports.

A Middle East Airlines pilot was one aviator praised on social media for making a spectacular landing at London Heathrow Airport during high winds.

A video circulating on Twitter shows a pilot grappling to bring the plane down while it is buffeted by violent winds.

Twitter users were impressed by the pilot from the Lebanese flag carrier.

Footage filmed over the last few days shows planes at various UK airports performing go-arounds after landing attempts were hampered by winds.

Many planes were forced to divert to other UK airports and even to mainland Europe.

Two Emirates A380s had to land at mainland European airports after winds prevented them from touching down in the UK.

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled as the storm continues to wreak havoc across Britain and its transport network.

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