Emirates, Etihad crew and passengers screened for coronavirus

People entering Dubai and Abu Dhabi on flights from China are being checked for new virus as precautionary measure
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Crew and passengers coming into the UAE from China on Emirates and Etihad flights are being screened for a new coronavirus, as authorities around the world attempt to prevent its spread.

Health officials in Dubai are screening people coming in on Emirates routes from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the airline confirmed.

The airline said it is working alongside authorities at home and in China and is monitoring advice from the World Health Organisation, according to reports.

Emirates also said that it would offer refunds to passengers set to travel to and from Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou on tickets issued before 24 January.

An Emirates representative told The National: “We can confirm that the Dubai health authorities are screening passengers and crew who arrive on Emirates flights from China, which includes our flights from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou,"

“Our crew members are highly trained and will follow standard operating procedures to manage any suspected cases on board. For more information on passenger screening, please contact Dubai Airports and the Ministry of Health.”

Fifty-six people are thought to have died from the coronavirus, according to Chinese officials. The UAE currently has no known cases of the virus.

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