Flydubai looks at leasing options in wake of extended Max delay

Airline with 250 Max’s on order considers leasing even more planes to boost capacity after Boeing’s announcement last week
Flydubai, Boeing 737 NG, 737 MAX

Flydubai may need to lease even more planes to add capacity after Boeing announced last week that the 737 Max will not return to service until the summer.

Boeing said it does not expect the grounded Max to fly again until ‘mid-2020’, citing the lengthy certification process.

Flydubai leased four 737 NGs from Smartwings in late November to boost capacity during the busy holiday period while its 14 Max aircraft remained stuck on the tarmac.

A spokesperson from flydubai told The National that the airline is “looking at short to medium-term leasing options to add more capacity for the coming few months”.

The airline currently has 14 Max’s in its fleet but has 250 on order and has had to operate with a depleted capacity since two 737 Max crashes caused the jet to be grounded worldwide in March 2019.

The grounding has meant a 30% reduction in its flying schedule, flydubai said last year.

Flydubai said in November it continues to review its plans, “exploring all options to minimise disruption to its passengers with the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft and these aircraft will not rejoin the operating schedule until it has received regulatory approval by the GCAA”.

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