Delta Air Lines sued over school fuel dump

Jet was forced to return to LA Intl after experiencing engine problems shortly after take-off
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Alan De Leon, YouTube

Teachers at schools where children were doused in aviation fuel have launched a law suit against Delta Air Lines after it dumped fuel over a residential area during an emergency landing.

The flight had to return to Los Angeles International Airport shortly after take-off when he plane developed engine problems.

On its approach to the airport the plane dumped fuel to reduce its landing weight. But the FAA is investigating why the dump was conducted at a relatively low altitude over a residential area.

Tens of people, including children across six schools, were treated for “severe irritation” caused by the aviation fuel.

Delta has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

The FAA said it is “thoroughly investigating” the incident.

It is unclear at which point on its final approach the Boeing 777-200 began ejecting fuel, for how long, and whether ATC approved the dump at such low altitude.

Delta said in an initial statement that it had “concerns” over the reported injuries.

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