Boeing ‘regrets’ employee messages criticising Max safety

Employees called Max a ‘joke’ and cast significant doubt over simulator used to train Max pilots
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Boeing said it “regrets” newly released communications from its employees which cast doubt over the safety of its troubled 737 Max aircraft and the adequacy of the simulator used to train Max pilots.

A series of emails and Whatsapp messages were published on Thursday revealing how one employee called the aircraft a “joke” and said that some problems were hidden from regulators.

Two Boeing 737 Max’s crashed after faulty software forced the aircrafts’ noses down towards the ground, claiming 346 lives, investigators say. The model has since been grounded.

Another message exchange between staff saw one employee ask another if they would “put [their] family on a MAX simulator trained aircraft?” to which the other replied: “No.”

The latest batch of emails have increased concerns that the planemaker prioritised speed of production and cost savings ahead of safety, where the Max was concerned.

Boeing is still grappling with the 737 Max and it is unclear when regulators will sign it off for service again.

The company released a statement saying the communications contain “provocative language” and in certain instances “raise questions about Boeing’s interactions with the FAA in connection with the simulator qualification process”.

It said that it is now confident that its Max simulators are “functioning effectively”.

The statement added: “We regret the content of these communications, and apologize to the FAA, Congress, our airline customers, and to the flying public for them.”

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