Pair jailed over Etihad Airways meat grinder bomb plot

Brothers convicted of terrorism offences and given 76 years in prison after plan to blow up Sydney-Abu Dhabi flight in 2017
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Two brothers have been jailed in Australia for trying to smuggle a bomb hidden in a meat grinder onto an Etihad Airways flight travelling from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.

Khaled Khayat and Mahmoud Khayat were convicted of terrorism offences for their involvement in the plot to bomb the plane in July 2017 under instructions from ISIS, and allegedly, a third brother in Syria.

The improvised device was placed into the luggage of a fourth, unsuspecting brother, who according to prosecutors, was unaware of the plot.

The plan was abandoned at the eleventh hour when staff at Sydney airport found the luggage to be overweight.

Khaled then removed the bomb from their unwitting brother’s luggage, worried that it would be detected.      

Those behind the plot disapproved of their brother “because he drank, went clubbing, gambled and was gay, which they regarded as bringing shame on the family”, said judge Christine Adamson.

Judge Adamson jailed Khaled Khayat for 40 years and Mahmoud Khayat for 36 years.

On handing out the sentences, she said: “That no one suffered physical injury or was killed does not make it other than extremely serious. The objective seriousness was very high for each offender.”

The two brothers were arrested 11 days after the airport incident. According to police, the explosives had been sent to the brothers by air from Turkey.

Both Khaled and Mahmoud maintain their innocence.

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