WATCH: A320 vs 737 race for market dominance

See how Airbus and Boeing’s best-selling rivals have controlled the narrow-body market over the last few decades
737, A320, Boeing, Airbus

A new interactive infograph shows the race for market dominance between Boeing and Airbus’ narrow-body champions.

Watch the race HERE.

The battle between the 737 and A320 began when Airbus made the bold move to challenge Boeing’s single-aisle dominance with the launch of the A320-100, first delivered to Air France in March 1988.

In the visualisation, created by Cirium, data analysts exported the in-service figures from point-of-entry into the market for each variant.

The A320 appears before the announcement of Air France taking delivery of the first aircraft, because Airbus operated flight test aircraft prior to the hand-over.

Although analysts chose to start the bar chart race at 1980, the 737-100/200 programme had been in production since 1966.

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