Gulf Air modernises booking process with retail deal

Partnership with ATPCO will help improve booking experience and create new branded fares
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Gulf Air

Bahrain’s national carrier, Gulf Air, has signed a five-year retailing deal with ATPCO to integrate its ‘Routehappy Rich Content’ on the airline’s website to modernise and enhance its flight shopping display.

In addition to Gulf Air’s direct channel website, the deal will also see the airline’s content integrated with key regional and global third-party sales channels.

ATPCO’s ‘Routehappy Rich Content’ types that will be integrated by Gulf Air include amenities to provide at-a-glance information about flight features.

UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes) will provide easy-to-understand benefits and restrictions such as cancellation, refund policies and boarding priority by fare.

UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) providing relevant media, captions and descriptions to define the airline’s products and services by aircraft type, cabin, time of day, etc, will also be included.

ATPCO will also support Gulf Air in creating and structuring its new branded fares, crafting its UPAs and providing UX (User Experience) consulting and design.

Creation of UPAs and development work is currently underway.

Indirect channels will be live with Gulf Air’s UPA content in December, with the airline expecting users to see the first integration on its direct channel in Q2 2020. 

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