Emirates plane catches fire in Lusaka

The Airbus A330-200 was carrying 135 passengers and landed safely after the engine failure.

Thirty minutes after takeoff on October 21 from the Kenneth Kuanda International Airport in Lusaka, Emirates flight EK 714 caught fire and was reverted back to the airport, the Zambia Daily Mail has reported.

Emirates country manager Khalid Ali Hassan reportedly said that the flight, which was carrying 135 passengers, returned safely to Lusaka after an engine failure. Engineers from the airline and Rolls Royce, the British engine manufacturers, arrived in Lusaka on October 23 to examine the situation.

"We are aware of the incident and working with our customer to provide support and technical assistance," a Rolls Royce spokesperson reportedly said. According to the report, about three port side fan blades snapped off the propeller and shot through the engine nacelle (engine cover or housing), causing a big hole.

A replacement engine was reportedly being flown to Lusaka for the plane, which is parked on the apron at the airport.

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