Airline adopts NASA technology to improve passengers’ sleep

Innovative new pillow developed to help passengers sleep on long-haul flights
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Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has introduced a new pillow on its longest route to improve the quality of sleep of its passengers.

The pillow is coated with Outlast, which was originally developed for astronauts’ gloves to protect against extreme temperature fluctuations and keep hands cool.

The temperature regulating product, awarded certified space technology by the Space Foundation, absorbs heat as the skin gets hot and as the skin cools the heat is released.

Air New Zealand will offer the hypo allergenic pillow to passengers travelling in Business Premier on its Chicago route and is available.

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Senior manager for customer experience, Niki Chave, said the airline is looking at ways to enhance the customer experience in an “innovative way”.

"We know quality sleep is important to our passengers, particularly those travelling in Business Premier on our long haul routes.

“This pillow allows passengers to lay on the side that regulates their temperature or sleep on the regular side, which ultimately gives them more control over their environment."

The pillow is manufactured by p German bedding company Paradies, which produces bedding in a CO2-neutral process, keeping climate protection and sustainability at the core of its business.

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