Emirates named among world's most reliable carriers

Research by Get Going has shown that nearly 85% of Emirates' flights arrive without delay
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Research by Get Going travel insurance has shown that Emirates ranks among the world's most reliable carriers; nearly 85% of its flights arrive without delay.

Emirates ranked sixth globally, and its safety scores were a perfect 10 out of 10, according to sister title Arabian Business.

The research showed that the Dubai-based airline cancelled just 0.23% of its flights - the lowest of all airlines - and had an average delay waiting time of just over 37 minutes.

Ranking first was Japan Airlines, which operates 126 domestic and 54 international routes. It had 10.54% delayed flights and 1.05% flights cancelled through November 2018.  

KLM Cityhopper and India's IndiGo followed Japan Airlines in the top three. The least reliable carrier was US-based Frontier Airlines, according to the Get Going research.

Five factors were considered in the research from November 2018: percentage of flights delayed, average delay waiting time, the percentage of flights cancelled, safety ranking, and customer rating.

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