PRIDE OF AVIATION: Industry to recognise unsung heroes of pandemic fightback

Aviation Business Awards introduces four brand new categories to recognise individuals and companies in the aviation industry that have shown true resilience and ingenuity in the face of adversity
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ITP Media Group is launching an initiative to recognise companies and individuals in the aviation industry that have shown exemplary resilience and innovation in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Aviation Business Awards, which takes place on 27 October in Dubai, has introduced four new special categories: Unsung Hero Award, Technical Response Award, Health & Safety Initiative and The Pride of Aviation Award.

Details on the new set of categories, which will run in addition to those already announced, and on how to nominate, can be found below.

Aviation is one of the sectors hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic. With the Middle East aviation market alone estimated to lose well in excess of $20 billion in 2020, we have unfortunately already seen a number of  casualties and could see more before the year is out.

Despite arguably being the worst affected industry, aviation has also proved to be the most innovative and steadfast in its response to the challenge, and that is something worth recognising.

The aviation community never fails to impress with its ingenuity and resilience. From execs, pilots, ground handlers and crew through to entire airlines, airports, and suppliers, there is no shortage of individuals or businesses that have gone above and beyond in recent weeks.

We are calling on you to put forward those individuals and companies you believe are worthy of recognition.

Nominate Now

Nominations will close on 6 September. To nominate, please send the following to

  • Your chosen category
  • At least 250 words on why your nomination is deserving of the award
  • Any additional supporting evidence

Sponsorship Opportunities

Please contact: Benjamin McGladdery, Sales Manager, on +971 4444 3125 or email

Unsung Hero Award

The Unsung Hero Award recognises those individuals who have worked dutifully behind the scenes during the past few months, set an example to the rest of their team and whose stories deserve to be shared with the wider industry. The person will have been unfazed by the challenge presented by Covid-19 and simply taken the pandemic in their stride, presenting themselves as a shining example to their colleagues and the rest of the industry.

Technical Response Award

Unprecedented challenges demand unprecedented ingenuity. Fortunately, inventiveness is something the aviation industry has in its DNA. The Technical Response Award celebrates companies which responded to Covid-19 with unmatched resourcefulness and originality, whose actions laid the blueprint for designs and schemes for competitors to follow.    

Health & Safety Initiative

Safety is always a top priority for aviation companies but in recent months, well-being has demanded an entirely new focus. This award recognises exemplary and industry-leading initiatives brought in to protect passengers and employees while ensuring the smooth running of businesses. With so many clever and evolutionary health and safety initiatives introduced since the pandemic broke out, this area is one where the aviation sector has shone among all other industries.  

The Pride of Aviation Award

This award goes to the aviation company which has demonstrated extreme steadfastness in the face of an unprecedented industry crisis. Meeting adversity with solidarity, innovation, determination and adaptability, these worthy businesses fly the flag for aviation and embody all that is great about our industry. If there are two things aviation is known for, it is resilience and ingenuity. These companies are the very pinnacle of these qualities.

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