VIDEO: Airbus opens air-bridge to deliver face masks to Spain

Thousands of medical masks that arrived in Toulouse aboard an A330 from China have now been transported to Spain
Airbus, A400m

An Airbus A400M airlifter has performed an air-bridge between Toulouse and Madrid in order to deliver medical mask supplies to the Spanish health system.

The aircraft, known as MSN56 and operated by an Airbus crew, took off on 23 March from Airbus’ headquarters in Toulouse at 18.07 local time landing at the Getafe Air Base (Madrid) at 19.05 to off-load and deliver the masks to the Spanish Ministry of Defence.

The cargo is part of the approximately 2 million masks transported over the weekend by a test Airbus A330-800 aircraft from Tianjin, China, to Europe.

Additional flights from China are planned to take place in the coming days.

This air-bridge will enable the delivery of a significant supply of masks to the Spanish public health network in support of current Covid-19 crisis efforts.

This comes on top of donations by Airbus in recent days to provide thousands of masks to hospitals and public services around Europe.

The company will continue to support with additional flights planned to take place in the coming days in coordination with national authorities.

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