Alpha Aviation Academy UAE answers to soaring demand for A320 pilots

AAA UAE contracts MPS to supply new A320 sim at its facilities in Sharjah International Airport
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As demand for Airbus A320s rises in the Middle East region, Alpha Aviation Academy UAE (AAA) has revealed it will install a new A320 FTD simulator at its facilities in Sharjah.

AAA awarded the contract to supplier MPS, which is expected to install the simulator by mid-2020.

The A320 FTD-2 will allow the Academy to provide additional capacity for the Type Rating and MPL training for pilots.

The order comes in addition to the previously installed A320 FTD at Alpha Aviation Group in Clarke, Philippines.

AAA’s general manager, Captain Nadhem AlHamad, said: “The addition of a new simulator is aimed at further enhancing the overall training experience of our cadets, ensuring that they are equipped with the latest flight training devices and technology that help foster an environment that is conducive to productive learning and training.

“We are very excited to be working with MPS and its team headed by Captain Philip Adrian. As our business portfolio continues to expand, we look forward to maintaining a successful partnership with MPS.”

Demand for A320 pilots is set to increase in the coming years with more airlines in region incorporating them into their fleets.

Air Arabia last year placed an order for 120 A320s in an order worth $14 billion.

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