WATCH: Etihad Airways A380 grapples with 90mph winds during Heathrow landing

Footage shows Etihad Airways pilot making an impressive landing during Storm Dennis in the UK
Etihad Airways, A380, Storm dennis, London Heathrow, Heathrow

An Etihad Airways pilot has been praised on social media after footage showed an A380 making an impressive landing at London Heathrow airport during 90mph winds.

Footage shows the aircraft grappling with winds before touching down sideways during Storm Dennis.

The storm has caused nearly 200 flight cancellations on Sunday, just a week after Storm Ciara wreaked havoc.

Other videos circulating on social media show planes being forced to abandon landing attempts and go around during high winds.

Heathrow was badly affected, with around 60% of fights being disrupted, while 30% were impacted at Gatwick.

Heathrow’s problems were exacerbated when an IT issue caused severe disruption at the transport hub. Systems returned to normal today but passengers described the situation as ‘chaotic’.

Last week, Storm Ciara forced a number of Middle East airlines to delay, cancel and divert flights to other UK and even European airports because of difficulties landing in winds.

Emirates airline was particularly impacted and was forced to divert two of its A380s trying to land.

A Middle East Airlines pilot was also praised on social media for making a spectacular landing at London Heathrow.

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