Virgin Atlantic suspends Shanghai operations for two weeks

The airline joins a host of others around the world cancelling flights and screening passengers
Virgin Atlantic, Coronavirus

Virgin Atlantic has become one of the latest airlines to suspend flights to Shanghai, China amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Media outlets reported the airline’s daily Shanghai flight from London’s Heathrow will be frozen for a 14 day period.

Virgin Atlantic said in a statement: “The safety and security of our customers and staff is always our number one priority.”

“After careful consideration of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak within China, Virgin Atlantic has decided to suspend daily operations to Shanghai following the VS250 on Sunday 2nd February for a period of 14 days.”

Beyond health concerns, the carrier added the decision was also based on a lower demand to fly at the moment.

“This decision is based on our close monitoring of the ongoing situation, coupled with a declining demand to fly, and we will continue to evaluate this over the coming days and weeks.”

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in January commented that the coronavirus could have a lasting economic impact to the world, it attributed a large part of this impact to airports around the world cancelling flights.

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