Serco extends ATC services in Middle East

Contract extension at Baghdad Airport follows successful eight-year tenure
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Air traffic control provider Serco Middle East has won a contract renewal with the General Company for Air Navigation Services (GCANS) in Iraq.

Over 50 Serco employees currently provide support on the ground for GCANS at Baghdad Airport, with the company providing operational ATC staff and instructors as well as key advisors in AIS, CNS training and management. 

As part of the partnership, Serco will continue to provide operational support, on‐the‐job training instruction (OJTI) including the certification training of OJTIs and examiner duties in the areas of area, approach and tower control.

Serco’s remit also includes management mentorship programmes in safety, quality assurance and ATC training, along with management support to all areas of air navigation services.

Serco has been providing world-class air navigation services in the Middle East for over 70 years and the extension to the contract is testament to a number of key milestones that have been reached during the eight-year tenure.

The contract was signed following a visit by CEO of Serco Middle East, Phil Malem, who met with stakeholders and staff from Serco.

Malem said: “We are honoured to have been awarded with an extension of our partnership with the GCANS to deliver the best possible air traffic services and highest standard of aviation training to support Iraq’s aviation sector. 

“Over the past eight years, the Iraq Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA) has had many notable strides forward and Serco is proud to have played an important role in these successes.

“We have now taken another key step towards establishing a structured, modern and safe air traffic control environment capable of producing the revenue streams to support the development of aviation in Iraq.

“However, both the Government of Iraq and Serco fully understand that there is still much work to be done.”

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