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As Olympus begins to celebrate its 100-year anniversary, Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) remains a key part of its portfolio. Grounded aircraft (AOG) are expensive, which means that fast, efficient inspections that do not compromise on reliability are highly beneficial both safety and profitability. RVI is the only method that provides true-to-life images for confident decision-making. Olympus’ innovation over the past decade has led to a number of attributes, both performance and design related. Now, Olympus’ solutions can create live 3D models can be created with real-time measurement projection in the form of 3D spot ranging, well before any measurement takes place on the live image.

Strata Manufacturing

Strata has evolved from a homegrown UAE manufacturing company into a leader in the global aerospace industry. Strata has proven its capability in manufacturing aircraft parts to the world’s leading OEMs and highlighted the UAE’s global manufacturing capabilities with its ‘made with pride in the UAE’ seal. As a result, major aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing and Pilatus see Strata as a reliable source of aero-structure components. Its composite parts now feature on 8% of the world’s commercial aircraft. Strata wants to collaborate with key players who are aligned with its ambition to drive cutting-edge technology, knowledge and expertise in the aviation sector.

Airways New Zealand

Air navigation experts at Airways New Zealand are taking significant steps in supporting the safe growth and development of the UAV and drone sector. Airways NZ has partnered with Exponent Technology Services to support the development of its second generation AirShare UAV traffic management system, a drone tracking and monitoring system that is integrated with the New Zealand ATM system in a world-first solution. AirShare has been developed to help air navigation service providers safely and securely integrate drones into their airspace, providing real-time tracking and management of UAVs. AirShare is fast making a name for itself in a market being impacted by UAVs.


At the Dubai Airshow, Thales will showcase its most advanced connectivity solutions and in-flight entertainment systems, including its latest 4K displays delivering content to the full cabin with 10x better video quality for an impressive cinematic intensity at every screen. Airshow attendees will be able to learn about Thales’ immersive Future Digital Passenger Journey firsthand. Thales imagines a seamless travel experience with smart boarding using biometrics and facial recognition, a personalised seat environment that recognises the passenger, auto-pairs to their PED and provides a personalised welcome and interface, including meal and beverage preferences.


The Middle East and North Africa Business Aviation Association (MEBAA) is the official representative of the business aviation industry in the MENA region. MEBAA represents over 270 companies and offers a number of products and services to its members, including MEBAA Insurance. MEBAA recently launched an executive medical insurance scheme that has been designed exclusively to provide group medical insurance to its members within the UAE. MEBAA hosts conferences in the region on a regular basis; these are an integral part of the association’s mission to provide a platform for member discussions and ensure the business aviation community remains at the forefront of this ever-changing industry.

University of South Wales Dubai

The University of South Wales Dubai was opened in September 2018 alongside Al Maktoum International Airport. Offering aircraft maintenance engineering, logistics and cyber security degrees, the university’s new campus will provide a centre for excellence to develop talent across the industry. The university has just launched BEng (Hons) Aeronautical Engineering and MSc Aviation Engineering and Management, as part of its portfolio. The purpose-built 3,000 square metre facility has learning and teaching space over two stories, including an EASA/GCAA accredited workshop with an aircraft and CFM56-3 jet engine, mechanical principles laboratories and soundproofed maintenance areas.

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