New code on boarding passes to ease travel for anxious flyers

Virgin Australia’s boarding passes have a new symbol for a different flight experience
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A special symbol will appear on the digital boarding passes of Virgin Australia passengers who have self-identified as anxious flyers.

The new Nervous Flyers programme will have passengers receiving extra support to cope once on board, from dedicated information about easing flight anxiety, to having cabin crew checking in on them.

To be a part of the Nervous Flyers programme, passengers have to tick a box when they book their flight.

This makes them eligible for extra support from the airline, including personalised emails with health and wellness advice and behind-the-scenes technical information about the airline’s operations, a positive affirmation text the day before the flight, the ability to access meditations on the in-flight entertainment system, and some extra attention and reassurance from the cabin crew if they need it.

Virgin Australia said more than 1 in 10 passengers felt uneasy about flying, and this programme aims to support their health and wellbeing.

“Our research tells us more than 11% of our guests experience high levels of nervousness about travelling, and that they want information and support to help them through their next flight,” said Virgin Australia acting chief operations officer Stuart Aggs.

“The Nervous Flyers programme allows us to connect with our passengers throughout a number of touchpoints during their journey. Whether it’s sharing breathing techniques from one of our expert partners or a video to help put passengers at ease about turbulence, we want our guests to know we care and we’re here to support them.”

Last week Virgin Australia became Australia’s first airline to allow infants a dedicated checked baggage allowance when flying on domestic, international short haul and international long haul routes.

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