JETEX's Five Star FBO

By Shayan Shakeel 24 December 2017

Designed by Perkins + Will, the Jetex's FBO caters to only the most elite of clientele including private, business and government VIP travelers, and offers 24-hour customs clearance, dedicated executive passenger and crew lounges, aircraft handling and ramp services, as well as personalised concierge services for those seeking VIP transportation or hotel accommodations.

Our brief was to design an experience for clients with focus on 5 star hospitality and contemporary interior design that includes a touch of retail. It’s essentially a visual feast as guests move through the space very quickly,” says Diane Thorsen Principal Design Director at Perkins + Will.

Spatial planning took inspiration from landscapes and glimpses of colour when being viewed from above during flight. The resulting concept is islands of textured luxurious carpets in a sea of white stone punctuated with accents of colour. The ceiling represents the cloud covering with pockets of accent lighting as if rays of light are streaming through gaps in the clouds, she says.

The Jetex service experience includes Rolls Royce airside transport and a quick efficient walk through the lounge to the waiting aircraft. Iconic Arne Jacobsen Egg chairs in red and Zaha Hadid sofas delight and entice guests to linger–though Jetex provides a “no wait” service. The experience is one of quality and a visual impression that is simply beautiful.

Guests can enjoy a cigar lounge within the FBO terminal and the staff focus on providing the highest level of comfort to their guests. Crew are equally valued, with a dedicated lounge featuring sleep pods for power naps and relaxation areas to recover and restore.

Behind the scenes, the terminal design provides for efficiency in the typical ground and baggage handling, fueling, security, and concierge services including bespoke air transfer arrangements to major locations in the Emirates to avoid traffic delays. On-site customs and immigrations officers handle any necessary formalities with a minimum wait for passengers.

This is certainly a unique space and one where the boundaries of hospitality, commercial and retail design blur into each other.


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