Airbus Corporate Jets introduces new large-cabin design

By AVB Staff 17 November 2016

Airbus Corporate Jets introduced a new cabin concept for its ACJ320neo family.


Called Melody, it features flowing lines in both the main pathway through the cabin and the curved walls of zones within it and an environment that is both quieter and adapted to providing sound and vision in a “home cinema” setting. The combination also benefits from new weight-saving carbonfibre in tables and cabinets.


“A key feature of Airbus corporate jets is the better travel experience that they deliver–through freedom of movement and enhanced sociability as well as their greater space and comfort–and the new Melody cabin highlights this benefit over traditional business jets,” says Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers John Leahy.


Airbus Corporate Jets’ Head of Creative Design and Concepts, Sylvain Mariat, modelled the cabin based on discussions with customers– in hotels, homes and offices–to identify shared values, such as the relaxation drawn from nature and quiet and comfortable settings.


Deliveries of the ACJ320neo will begin at the end of 2018.


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