Dubai–London JetSmarter service begins 1 December

By Shayan Shakeel 23 November 2016
Dubai–London JetSmarter service begins 1 December Travel time is expected to be 7–8 hours

JetSmarter has announced the launch of the first-ever shared, private JetShuttle flight that will connect Europe and the Middle East. JetSmarter members can reserve single-seat trips on flights between Dubai and London and for the first-time in the private aviation industry, book seats on direct, scheduled flights between North America, Europe and the Middle East.

The Dubai to London JetShuttle flight will carry passengers on Legacy 650 aircrafts from Al Maktoum International on Thursdays, with flights from Luton Airport in London to Dubai on Friday. Travel time is expected to be 7–8 hours.

"We have a large membership base in Dubai, and due to the high demand, we are expanding our intercontinental
JetShuttle service which will now connect three major continents," says Sergey Petrossov, founder and CEO of JetSmarter. "We’re proud to announce this new intercontinental route, as we further establish ourselves as the world’s leading private aviation company and continue our global expansion."

US-based and Saudi backed JetSmarter operates via an annual membership on its platform that allows flyers to book vacant seats on private jets, especially those returning without passengers on board from a destination. Reservations for the Dubai-London trip can be made through the JetSmarter app, available for iOS and Android devices.


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