Legal action considered after Dubai passenger strikes flight attendant

By Staff writer 30 April 2012
Legal action considered after Dubai passenger strikes flight attendant AeroSvit Airlines

A drunken passenger travelling from the United Arab Emirates to Ukraine was taken into police custody earlier this month, after punching a member of the cabin crew and harassing other passengers during the flight.

The incident occurred on 17th April 2012, after the unnamed male boarded an AeroSvit Airlines flight from Dubai International Airport, heading to Boryspil International Airport.

Reports suggest the passenger was already drunk and two hours before the aircraft was scheduled to land, he entered a conflict with other passengers and punched a member of the cabin crew, who was attempting to defuse the argument.

The intoxicated male was later restrained by other flight attendants and passengers, and the Airbus A320-200 aircraft was diverted to Simferpol, where it landed around 25 minutes later. After the culprit was taken into police custody, AeroSvit Airlines recommenced the flight, which landed at Boryspil International Airport with a total delay of two hours.

"The perpetrator, according to the crew of the airplane, was in a state of significant alcoholic intoxication, he behaved extremely aggressively, and he did not respond to appeals by flight attendants and other passengers,” commented AeroSvit Airlines in a statement. “His actions threatened the safety of people on board, and his behaviour was completely inappropriate.”

Legal action is being considered by AeroSvit Airlines in order to recover their financial losses from the situation.

"The issue of putting the offender on the airline company’s list of undesirable passengers and demanding from him compensation of the airline company’s additional costs related to the emergency landing at the Simferopol airport are presently being considered,” added the statement.


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