CSafe Global and China Airlines sign master lease agreement

By Alexander Pieri 4 January 2018
CSafe Global and China Airlines sign master lease agreement The CSafe RKN is designed for the life-sciences, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries.

CSafe Global and China Airlines have inked a Master Lease Agreement (MLA), that will see the offering of transport and leasing services for the CSafe RKN active temperature controlled container on China Airlines flights.

Designed for the life-sciences, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries, the CSafe RKN active temperature-controlled system is a compressor-driven air cargo container that can fly on either the upper deck or lower deck of the aircraft.

In a statement regarding the recently signed agreement, China Airlines announced: “We are pleased to sign this new master lease agreement with CSafe Global … our healthcare and pharmaceutical customers who require strict temperature control of their products during transport will benefit from access to CSafe’s industry-leading cold chain technology and global customer support."

The CSafe RKN features ThermoCor insulation for enhanced thermal capabilities, as well as temperature-controlled container technologies that monitor air flow, heating and cooling.

Maintaining a user-selected ambient temperature that ranges from -30 degrees Celsius up to +49 degrees Celsius, the unit also allows for a full payload to be shipped inside the container without the need for secondary packaging. This makes it a cost-effective solution for operators looking to transport cargo with sensitive temperature requirements.

Brad Jennings, VP of Global Marketing at CSafe Global, said: “With 97 destinations in 27 countries, China Airlines has a comprehensive network serving pharmaceutical companies around the world. CSafe and our customers are very excited about the addition of China Airlines to our airline partner network and look forward to a fruitful and long-term collaboration."


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